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20 décembre 2013 - 31 décembre 2014

Besides the Baroque and Classical Rome there is another city. The Age of Enlightenment, thanks to the skill and the innovative spirit of its architects, has greatly contributed to the creation of the image of the city.

Sarli Couture al Museo di Roma – Palazzo Braschi
11 - 15 décembre 2013

Gli abiti femminili di ieri “parlano” con la moda contemporanea. Le opere di Fausto Sarli accolte al Museo di Roma insieme agli abiti delle collezioni storiche: un nuovo riconoscimento, un rinnovato abbraccio che la città d’elezione del maestro couturier dedica alle sue creazioni.

Mostra di abiti tradizionali delle donne vietnamite della stilista Lan Huong
Salone d'Onore
5 - 8 décembre 2013

Mostra di abiti femminili della tradizione vietnamita, realizzati in sete colorate e riccamente ricamate dalla stilista Lan Huong.

16 octobre 2013 - 19 janvier 2014

Emilio Greco,  one of the great iconic sculptors of the twentieth century, was born one hundred years ago in Sicily and died in Rome in 1995, is the protagonist of an exhibition at the Museo di Roma, hosted in the halls of the ground floor of Palazzo Braschi. The exhibition includes drawings and sculptures that offer a sampling of the style and themes explored by the artist, especially related to the female body and expression.

3 octobre 2013 - 6 janvier 2014

The seventieth anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Italy with photos of the great war photographer on display at the Museo di Roma - Palazzo Braschi.

A tribute to Rome on its 2766th Birthday. The exhibition, which is a continuation of a project started in 2012 with a show dedicated  to the French landscape painters, presents a selection of about seventy worksfrom the large collection of prints and drawings at the Museum of Rome. On display some stunning views of the city, poignant images of the Roman countryside that captured the imagination of these painters who, in order to fix in the memory the charm of the images, often undergoing a strenuous and sometimes dangerous trips, in areas infected by malaria and robbers.

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