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Page d'accueil > Expositions > Canova. The Sign of the Glory
05/12/2012 - 14/04/2013

Canova. The Sign of the Glory

Drawings, paintings and sculptures
Museo di Roma
Typologie: Documentaire

The exhibition, open from 5 December, 2012 until April 7, 2013 aims to recount the birth of ideas of this important artist, his sketches that announce later masterpieces.

The Museum of Rome - Palazzo Braschi  will host the major exhibition “Canova. The Sign of the Glory. Drawings, paintings and sculptures“, from 5 December, 2012 until April 7, 2013.

The 79 drawings have been selected from the 1800-piece collection constituting the largest in the world of art by an artist, donated in the mid-nineteenth century to the newly inaugurated Museo Civico of Bassano by Giambattista Sartori Canova, half-brother of the artist and his universal heir. The drawings are accompanied by 15 etchings of the works, 6 original plaster models, 4tempera, an oil painting,  two terracottas and two marbles that show the transition the concept stage to the production of the artwork. A choice that presents a unique historical context of Europe between eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, clarifying the role of Canova as the first real modern artist.

Sous la direction de
Giuliana Ericani, Direttrice del Museo Biblioteca Archivio di Bassano del Grappa
Ericani G.; Leone F.
2012, 288 p., ill., brossura
Éditeur: Palombi Editori
Langue: Italiano


Museo di Roma, Museo di Roma

Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00;
Last admission 1 hour before closing time;
24 and 31 December: 10:00 - 14:00;
Closed: Monday; 24, 25 and 31 December 2012; 1 January 2013.

-    There may be a possible disruption for a Trade Union meeting on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, from 14:00 to 16:00. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
-    Special opening on Monday, 1 April - Easter Monday, with usual opening times and fees.

Billet d'entrée

"Museo di Roma - Palazzo Braschi + Exhibition" Combined Ticket:
 Adults: € 11,00;
 Concessions: € 9,00;
 Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID):
 - Adults: € 10,00;
 - Concessions: € 8,00;
 "Museo di Roma - Palazzo Braschi + Museo Barracco + Exhibition" Combined Ticket:
 Adults: 13,50;
 Concessions: € 11,50;
 Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID):
 - Adults: € 12,50;
- Concessions: € 10,50.

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 - Groups (max 30 visitors): guided tours are available either for the museum and/or exhibition. A booking service is available for groups (max 30 visitors) for an additional booking fee of € 25,00;
- Schools (max 30 visitors): guided tours are available; booking is required for the admission.

Booking for individual visitors is available only when purchasing online tickets. If you book in advance you can skip the line by going directly to the ticket window.

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Infoline: tel. +39 060608 (daily, from 9:00 to 21:00)

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Additional booking fee: € 1,00. If you purchase tickets online in advance you can skip the line by going directly to the ticket window. 

There are images of the artworks on display. To purchase them, please visit: Foto in Comune.


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